Why Refer

Prevent your patients from seeking treatment elsewhere by extending your treatment offering

Everything Needed Under One Roof

Thistle Dental offers a dedicated referral service to our dental colleagues across north-east Scotland that is trusted, ethical and provides everything needed for dental treatments under one roof.

“The fact that Vikram refers the patients back to me is even better because I can look after them at a later date.”

Dr Kevin Saunders, Referring Dentist

Your Patients Remain Just That, Yours!

Our advanced and specialist courses of treatment will ensure your patients are well cared for while they are with us and returned to your good care following their treatment.

Dr Kavi has been an implant dentist since 2004 and has placed more than 2,000 implants. As well as his own patients, Vikram has been taking care of referring dentist's patients for over 5 years. With support from his specialist team, Dr Kavi also provides advanced oral surgery and a comprehensive range of orthodontics for adults and children.

We encourage our referring dentists to take an active role and will work closely with you by helping you provide treatment based on your own level of ability. We also provide excellent training courses to help tailor and boost your skills.

“The reason I’ve chosen to refer my patients to Vikram Kavi is because I believe he is well up to date on the most recent innovations and I feel confident that my patients will be well cared for.”

Dr Scott Benton

We Welcome Referrals

  • Dental Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral surgery
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Sedation
  • Endodontics
  • Digital imaging
  • IO scanning
  • CT scanning

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Refer a Patient

Our Promise

  • Thistle Dental will contact your patient as soon as we receive your referral
  • After completion of their treatment we will refer your patient back to you for their continuing care
  • We will explain our findings and provide a treatment plan following their consultation
  • Any questions or concerns will be discussed with you

“Our main philosophy at the practice is to treat people like Kings and Queens when they come to see us”

Dr Vikram Kavi, Founder and Practice Principal

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Why Us

Thistle Dental in Aberdeen offers a dedicated referral service that is trusted, ethical and provides advanced, specialist treatments under one roof.

Why Refer

From digital implantology, peri-implant surgery, full arch restorations and medical assessment, to an introduction to our advanced dental laboratory, Thistle Dental’s training programme will boost your skills and confidence.

Why Refer

Our referral system is a simple and effective way to refer your patients to Thistle Dental. Simply complete the form and we will take it from there, keeping you informed at every step along the way.