Braces for Adults

You’re never too old for a stunning smile.

The specialist orthodontic team at Thistle Dental can transform the smiles of adults across North East Scotland with our full range of braces.

There are more photos being taken today than ever before in history. So often we hear that our patients used to hide their crooked teeth when they smiled or had trained themselves to smile with their lips firmly shut. What they also tell us is that they wished they’d had orthodontic treatment years ago!

This is because the brace options available at Thistle Dental in Aberdeen can transform the smiles of our adult patients quickly and discreetly with fantastic results.

What makes a perfect smile? As far as our specialist orthodontic team is concerned it is one that you feel confident to reveal. If you can smile without worrying about how your smile looks, without covering your teeth or shying away from having your photo taken, then it’s perfect.

If there is something preventing you from smiling unselfconsciously then come and see us. You will discover that braces can be clear, removable and affordable making them a more viable option.

Our orthodontists have a range of brace systems at their fingertips to ensure you receive the very best solution for your smile. Specialist orthodontists are masters of their trade. By choosing our specialist orthodontic team you can be confident we have had all the training and expertise needed to ensure you receive the very best orthodontic care and outcome.

Our specialist expertise under one roof, combined with a wide range of products and technological advances such as digital impressions, mean you can access a solution that best suits your personal priorities.

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Your happiness is our priority. Our team of friendly, well-trained and experienced specialist dentists and clinicians will provide the very best care, using the latest state-of-the-art technology, to make sure you get the smile of your dreams!

Laura Hernández Horlock
Laura Hernández Horlock

Dentist with special interest in orthodontics

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