Amy Sneddon's Story

Since having braces our patient Amy Sneddon is now full of confidence and smiles so much more. Watch this short video to hear her story.

‘I had my senior prom not long ago and I just kept smiling with my teeth. I've got so many nice pictures!’

Amy Sneddon

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Amy Sneddon came to us because her adult teeth were growing over her baby teeth and this had caused the teeth to be out of line. She felt self conscious and rarely smiled as she was worried people would stare.


Amy feels positive about her treatment. She felt a little uncomfortable for the first couple of days after the braces were fitted as it was an unusual sensation to have something on her teeth, but soon she was used to it. When the time came to tighten the braces she admits it was a little sore but it would always go away after 2 - 3 days.


Amy is thrilled with the results...and so is her Mum! Amy tells us that her Mum is so happy that she now smiles with her teeth, and so is Amy. She shares that it was a lot of work to get her perfect smile, but she is so pleased with the result and smiles so much more now. Keep smiling Amy!