Grenville Irvine Fortescue's Story

Watch this short video to learn about Grenville's experiences of having all of his teeth replaced with dental implants, and how he feels the experience has changed his life.

‘When I first saw my smile I was amazed; having known what my teeth looked like before with one or two gaps. To have a full set of teeth, that looked like teeth, was a huge confidence booster.’

Grenville Irvine Fortescue

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Grenville had suffered with receding gums, pain and discomfort from gum disease and general deterioration of his teeth for many years. He decided to have dental implants rather than dentures to replace all of his teeth on the upper and lower jaw and is thrilled with his decision. He worried that his dentures would jump out when he spoke or ate, so he decided to have dental implants as he knew they would stay in place and look like his own teeth.


Grenville had his teeth replaced in the lower jaw last year and returned this year to have the upper jaw replaced. He was delighted with the procedure, which was completed in one day - he arrived at 9am and left at 4pm, able to speak properly and in no pain.


Grenville is thrilled with the results of his treatment and would recommend dental implants to anyone. Having all of his teeth replaced by dental implants has transformed his life. He no longer has to worry about painful infections and can now speak, eat, laugh and smile with confidence.