Hazel Gaskell's Story

Watch this short video to discover how much more confident our patient Hazel Gaskell feels since having dental implants to replace her partial denture and mismatched crowns.

‘The reason I wanted to have implants was to give me more confidence smiling, and it just so happens my son was getting married a few months later and that made me feel much happier’

Hazel Gaskell

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Having dental implant treatment at Thistle Dental has made such a difference to Hazel Gaskell. She had lost confidence in her smile due to having a partial denture and several crowns that stood out. Her son’s wedding coming up spurred her into improving her smile’s function and appearance and she now says she feels much more confident when smiling.


Hazel says anyone considering implant treatment should do so with an open mind. She described her treatment as pain free and the team as amazing. People should not be scared because Dr Kavi and the team he has around him made her feel relaxed because they explained every part of the process, which helped her feel very much in the loop. She believes that the more information you have, the less scared you’re going to be.


Life after treatment for Hazel has been easier because she no longer has to remove her plate for cleaning and then brush the rest of the teeth she had left. Now that her teeth are fixed with dental implants she says maintaining good oral hygiene is a breeze.