Jessica Charlesworth's Story

Jessica is a bright and bubbly young lady who loves to smile, but the gaps between her teeth and crooked smile have made her feel awkward. Watch this short video to discover why Jessica felt at ease coming for her treatment and can't wait to finish her treatment and smile with confidence again.

‘When my braces come out I'm going to be smiling more! I'm already quite a smiley person and that's what I'm most looking forward to; not having to feel slightly awkward.’

Jessica Charlesworth

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Jessica has always been a bright and bubbly person who loves to smile, but gaps between her teeth and a crooked smile made her feel awkward and want cover her mouth.


Jessica enjoyed coming to Thistle Dental for her treatment. When she arrived, the warm reception she received from our friendly reception staff and the light, bright and airy practice made her feel comfortable and at ease.


Jessica is looking forward to finishing her treatment, having her braces removed and smiling more. She will no longer feel awkward or that she wants to cover her mouth when she talks. Keep on smiling Jessica!