John Curran's Story

The desire for a more permanent solution to his dental issues led John Curran to dental implants. Watch this video to find out how they helped him turn back the clock and start smiling with confidence again.

‘My new smile took me back about 15 – 20 years to a time when I was quite confident in smiling, which hadn’t been the case for a number of years.’

John Curran

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Wear and tear and general deterioration in his gum and tooth health had led to a series of temporary fixes for John over the past three years.

Small things that people sometimes take for granted, like eating an apple with ease, had become insurmountable problems for John. What he wanted was his mouth to function properly once more.



Since restoring his mouth and smile, John is now urging others not to worry about implant treatment being a complicated, painful procedure. He said he can confirm from personal experience that implants are simple and pain free.

John would recommend Vikram Kavi to others because of his communication skills. He said he delivers exactly what he says he will, leaving you fully aware of what he’s going to do before, during and after the procedure.