Leah Robertson's Story

Hear what a great experience Leah had when she came to Thistle Dental to have her teeth straightened.

‘Since having my braces off I have felt a lot more confident speaking in front of other people and having my photo taken with my friends.’

Leah Robertson

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As a young teenager, Leah Robertson's crooked teeth were affecting her confidence; she didn't want to smile or speak in front of others. Leah came to Thistle Dental for her orthodontic treatment and says it has been a great experience.


When the braces were first fitted it took a week or so for Leah to get used to them, but thereafter she felt comfortable and happy. Leah embraced the treatment and happily attended appointments to have her braces tightened; knowing that each time she was edging further towards her perfect smile.


Leah has now completed her treatment and the braces have been removed. When Leah first saw her smile she was shocked but very happy. Since having her braces removed Leah has felt so much more confident speaking in front of others and having her photo taken. Leah would recommend orthodontic treatment to any 14 or 15 year old; it has really helped her confidence and she hopes it will help others too.