Mr & Mrs Scaife's Story

Being able to eat with ease has been the best part of having dental implants for Mr and Mrs Scaife. If you would like to find out how implants have improved their lives, please watch their video testimonial.

‘Life after treatment has meant that I am no longer worried about certain types of foods causing problems with teeth’

Mr Scaife

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Being able to eat properly had become a problem for both Mr and Mrs Scaife. Certain types of food had become a no-no and Mr Scaife said he missed being able to bite into a crunchy apple.


Mrs Scaife had also become very self-conscious about a gap in her smile, which she’d had for a few months. Following their dental implant treatment with Vikram Kavi they say their lives have been considerably improved.


The couple described the whole implant process as smooth, well managed, simple and stress free, praising the whole team for being so welcoming and informative. The team’s thorough explanations about what to expect helped put them at ease and Mr Scaife said the treatment was no worse than having a root canal treatment, so nothing to worry about.