Patient Stories

Fiona Masson

‘I am able to smile with absolute confidence knowing that my teeth are looking great.’

Fiona Masson's Story
Calum Fowler

‘I wanted to get nice teeth like you see in movies and on TV programmes.’

Calum Fowler's Story
Barry Milliner

‘Dr Kavi has been excellent and I’m very impressed with the technology he uses, which seems to be the very latest.’

Barry Milliner's Story
Jessica Charlesworth

‘When my braces come out I'm going to be smiling more...and I won't cover my mouth anymore!’

Jessica Charlesworth's Story
Hazel Gaskell

‘Dr Kavi has been absolutely wonderful and the aftercare has been excellent.’

Hazel Gaskell's Story
Amy Sneddon

‘When I first saw my smile I didn't know what to say, I just kept smiling!’

Amy Sneddon's Story
Mrs & Mrs Scaife

‘Life after treatment is just great because I no longer have to worry about an ill-fitting denture and I can eat without thinking.’

Mr & Mrs Scaife's Story
Leah Robertson

‘As soon as I got my braces off all my friends were so excited for me; they couldn't stop taking pictures!’

Leah Robertson's Story
Shona Stewart

‘When I first saw my smile I felt really confident that everything had gone really well because my tooth looked just as it had before.’

Shona Stewart's Story
John Curran

‘I can now eat an apple with complete confidence. It's small things like that I suppose that people take for granted.’

John Curran's Story
Grenville Irvine Fortescue

‘When I first saw my smile I was amazed! To have a full set of teeth was a huge confidence booster.’

Grenville Irvine Fortescue's Story
Dylan Durant

‘I didn't really like smiling in photos but this treatment allowed me to gain a perfect smile.’

Dylan Durant's Story