Conscious Sedation

Looking after the welfare of nervous patients at Thistle Dental

Feel relaxed and calm with our reassuring sedation techniques to help soothe even the most nervous of patients.

The thought of going to the dentist can cause real fear in some people. If that sounds familiar to you, please don’t worry, as we completely understand and are here to help.

At Thistle Dental in Aberdeen we want you to feel relaxed during your dental visits. Our highly skilled team is approachable, warm and friendly and we really care about your wellbeing.

Many nervous people feel out of control during dental appointments, so we make sure our patients receive all the information they need to feel calm and reassured.

Some people require more information than others but rest assured that we will listen to your needs and tailor your care accordingly. We will also work at a speed you are comfortable with and will stop at any point if you start to feel uncomfortable.

As well as a sympathetic ear and calming chairside manner, we offer intravenous and RA sedation. Intravenous (IV) sedation is a valium-based drug that is injected into the back of the hand.

It is sometimes called conscious sedation because you are not asleep but in a very relaxed state. There is often no memory of the procedure afterwards therefore making this the most effective way of calming people who are very nervous. RA sedation (relative analgesia) or gas and air can be used for children and adults and it is especially useful for people with needle phobias.

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Your happiness is our priority. Our team of friendly, well-trained and experienced specialist dentists and clinicians will provide the very best care, using the latest state-of-the-art technology, to make sure you get the smile of your dreams!

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Dr Vikram Kavi

Founder and Principal Dentist

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